Red River Mountain Bike Race

You will find that many charity insurance brokers normally cover events such as top of The World Mountain Bike Race among other charitable events. Top of the World Mountain Bike Race takes place in Mexico. Riders get to race through the enchanted forest in New Mexico and the event attracts bikers from various places in the world.


Top of The World Mountain Bike Race allows men, women, and junior to participate. The organizers group the races in categories to ensure everyone participates in a race he or she can finish comfortably. The categories available include single speed for men, and single speed for women. In addition, the single speed category also accommodates junior male participants as well as junior female participants. The categories attract varying fee packages for all the participants. The fee may also vary from one tournament to another depending on the financial needs of the day.

Male and female participants in category one should obtain a USAC license before making an application. Note that apart from junior participants, kids can also participate in the special kids races that normally cover shorter distances. Due to the influx of participants wishing to join, people need to make advance booking early. Late registration attracts extra charges hence the need to register in advance.


To participate in Top of The World Mountain Bike Race, participants require acquiring temporary as well as annual licenses. The organizers provide temporary and annual licenses during the day of the race. The category a biker selects depends on the level of expertise of the biker.

Importance of Charity Bike Races

Charity bike races offer bikers an opportunity to compete with others and in the process raise money for a worthy cause. Most organisers organise races aimed at funding a particular project or group of needy people. During charity bike races, various personalities attend the events and that offers people the opportunity to meet and make acquaintances with important people in the society.

The events also promote the local area from where the event takes place. For instance, Top of The World Mountain Bike Race promotes New Mexico in a great because bikers travel from far off countries to participate. Event organizers as well as the local administration should use the events as an avenue to portray the good side of their locality.

Money Raised by Charity Bike Races

Charity bike races can raise large sums of money in a single event. Actually, most major bike races take place once a year because of the complex arrangements the events involve. Depending with the turnout, the races can raise limitless amounts of money because apart from the registration fee, other activities take place during the event.

For example, organizers of the events normally print T-shirts that they offer participants at a fee. The organizers plan games and offer products at a price and at the same time, they also arrange for simple competitions and to participate, people pay money. Therefore, the kind of money made by the races depends with the innovativeness and the plans made by the organizers.